~These are a few photos of old traveling partners, friends and family~
I will be adding more photos as I get in touch with a few guys I can't find....yet.
Some are still trying to find their pictures.
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Gary Leffew on Steiner's #033 1970 NFR
Al Lauck on Pluto, Bakersfield, CA  '67
Grady Walker on Sundance at Del Mar Ca. '72
Rock Walker on Diamond T at Lake Isabella, CA '71
Jerry Roberson on # 28 "Upside Down"  at Thousand Oaks, CA '66
Jerry Roberson at Dee Cooper's practice pen
Darrell Vienna on 2X "Hurricane Hank" at Santa Barbara, CA
John Ashby on #2X at the Cow Palace, CA  '66
Richard Milickian at Scottsdale, AZ '67
Larry Randles at Palm Springs, CA
Larry Randles at ?
Larry Randles at Springville, CA 
Grady Walker on Joker Riverside, CA '75
Grady Walker on War Paint
Coto De Caza CA. '72
Richard Milickian at Sylmar, CA '71
Dave Rogers at Landcaster, CA
Jock Favour on 2X at Ventura, CA  '66
Jock Favour on 81 at Scotts Dale AZ '67
Jock Favour
Frank Kelly on #132 at The Cow Palace '64
Darrell Vienna - Bill Underwood -  Al Lauck
Darrell Vienna on #6 at Las Vegas
Darrell Vienna - Bareback Riding
Darrell Vienna on # 22 at Riverside, Ca '65
Wes Curtis, a great clown and dang good bull fighter.
Wes Curtis, a great bull fighter and dang good clown.
Rock Walker on Baldy 1959
Clifford Happy - Salinas CA.
Don Mellgren - Cooper's practice pen
(Entered and went with Don to my first organized rodeo in Turlock Ca. in 1963)
Don Mellgren - Cooper's practice pen
Don Mellgren - Corriganville, CA
Steve Chambers on #6 The Pig- Los Angeles, CA '65
Steve Chambers on #012- Las Vegas, NV '64
Cliff Happy - Scotts Dale, AZ '73
Cliff Happy - Yuma, AZ '77
Cliff Happy - Cow Palace-SF CA '76
Cliff Happy - Santa Maria, CA '73
Gary Leffew judging in the background
Cliff Happy - Yuma, AZ '77
Vidal Garcia - Yuma, AZ 1970
Vidal Garcia - Riverside,CA 1969
Vidal Garcia - Santa Maria, CA 1979
Vidal Garcia - Brawley, CA 1970
Vidal Garcia - Sacamento, CA